Mar 12th 2014

GCHQ: Enemy of the Internet?

A report, by Reporters without Borders, has accused GCHQ and the NSA of being no better than their Chinese and Russian counterparts in terms of online censorship and surveillance. The report entitled Enemies of the Internet is released to coincide with World Day Against Cyber-Censorship and comes on the same day that Sir Tim Berners-Lee […]

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Feb 3rd 2014

Deregulation Bill must not undermine journalist freedom

The Deregulation Bill, debated by MPs today, has caused alarm after it was highlighted that one of its clauses, which alters the process for obtaining production orders with regard to material held by journalists, significantly undermines the essential protections for journalists from being forced to hand over material to the police. Of particular concern is […]

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Jan 29th 2014

EU Chief wants to block 'undesirable' content on the web

Yesterday the new European Union anti-terror chief appeared infront of MPs to discuss various issues, including what people are reading online. As we’ve previously warned, the UK’s Anti-Extremism task force has already alluded to greater filtering of web content and now the EU has taken it one step further, with Gilles de Kerchove telling MPs […]

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Dec 3rd 2013

A (brief) recent history of security and the free press

Today, the editor of the Guardian gives evidence to the Home Affairs select committee, as part of the committee’s work on counter terrorism. Perhaps that might give the committee to question why Parliament learned of much of GCHQ’s activity from the newspaper, rather than from Ministers. Indeed, it seems on current evidence that will remain […]

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Nov 28th 2013

Feel free to annoy me

We have previously warned that everyone from Christian street preachers to peaceful protesters will be subject to new draconian powers proposed by the Home Office which mean that individuals that are considered annoying can be driven from the streets. That is why we are very happy to support the newly formed Reform Clause 1 campaign […]

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