Sep 22nd 2015

Don’t weaken the Freedom of Information Act

Big Brother Watch has joined with 140 organisations, including newspapers, campaign organisations and others to call on the Government to not water down the Freedom of Information Act in a joint letter to David Cameron. The recent Commission on Freedom of Information appeared to many to signify the Government’s intention to make fundamental reforms to what […]

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Oct 25th 2013

New legislation will defend your right to record council meetings

The government has announced that it will be creating a new law that will allow residents, bloggers and journalists to report, blog, tweet and film council meetings in England. This follows previous attempts by the Department for Communities and Local Government to force councils to be more transparent, after a string of councils have continued […]

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Oct 7th 2013

NCA lacks oversight and transparency

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has been launched today by the Home Office with announcements that it will have access to some of the most high tech surveillance tools available but will also promote an environment of transparency and openness. Yet, with an exemption from the Freedom of Act and being regulated by outdated legislation, […]

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Jun 26th 2012

National Crime Agency : No Freedom of Information Here

Before the election, the Conservatives promised to ‘extend the scope of the Freedom of Information Act’ and the Prime Minister was absolutely right when he said that sunlight was “the best disinfectant”. But as with the DNA Database (samples retained rather than destroyed), local authority powers of entry (2 year review rather than needing a […]

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