Jul 12th 2016

Not quite the very best: Pokemon Go causes a whirlwind of privacy issues

The last few days have seen the rapid takeover of the internet by augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. The game allows players to roam the world, capturing and training virtual Pokémon (the fictional creatures of the enormously successful Pokémon franchise). However since its release last week security concerns around the app’s permission requests and use […]

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Nov 4th 2014

GCHQ Chief Criticises Tech Firms

In an unusual step the new head of GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, has written an article  accusing technology companies of aiding terrorism and failing to help with investigations. The article is entirely vague in its criticisms of the tech companies, giving little detail of what information GCHQ is failing to receive from the tech companies. The […]

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May 1st 2014

Google to stop scanning millions of Gmail accounts

In a welcome step towards giving users increased controls over their personal information, Google has announced that it has stopped scanning millions of Gmail accounts of students, teachers and administrators who use the Google Apps for Education (GAE) service. Legacy users of GAE will also cease to have their emails scanned, as will current and […]

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Mar 4th 2014

When patient privacy and google collide

Clearly when data is held by a third party, a different set of risks exist – from concerns about foreign Government access to the use of the data by the third party for other purposes. Patients appreciate their information will be held by the NHS but do they think it will end up on a […]

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Nov 7th 2013

Time for surveillance transparency

Today the three heads of Britain’s intelligence agencies appear infront of Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee in a televised hearing, the first time for such a hearing to be broadcast. Progress, yes, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves – the head of the CIA first appeared on TV speaking to congress in 1975, so […]

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