Jun 24th 2018

5 million biometric IDs by the back door – HMRC’s voice IDs, your rights and the law

DOES HMRC HAVE YOUR VOICE ID? Big Brother Watch expects HMRC to delete its giant database of voice IDs – but at the very least, it must publish accessible information as to how individuals can easily and securely have their voiceprint deleted. The ICO is now investigating this issue. However, if you want to take […]

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May 9th 2014

HMRC should go to court if they want access to our bank accounts

The Treasury Select Committee has raised serious concerns about plans to give HMRC the power to dip into bank accounts to recover unpaid tax, stating that the proposals are “very concerning” because of the risk of fraud and error. The situation is quite simple. Today the taxman has to go to court to size your […]

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