Mar 16th 2018

We know why Alexa is laughing

A few weeks ago, Alexas across the globe started laughing. Owners were left seriously disturbed after Alexa began cackling for no apparent reason. The creepiness of smart devices that we willingly place into our homes and offices, for the sake of convenience, can rarely be perceived so obviously. Was it really worth bugging our own […]

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Jan 20th 2015

Report: Entry Allowed? The number of local authority staff with the power to enter your home or workplace

Knock Knock. Who’s there? The flea inspector. The flea inspector who? The flea inspector who can enter your home — without a warrant. Published today, Entry Allowed? (PDF)  highlights the full extent of the wildly out of control powers of entry available to local authorities throughout the UK, where a total of 19,375 local authority […]

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Jan 13th 2015

A Summary of the Snoopers’ Charter

It was almost inevitable that the Communications Data Bill, aka the Snoopers’ Charter, would be called for once again in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris. Having regenerated a number of times since the powers were first mooted in 2007 under a Labour Government, the powers have proved to continuously be controversial due to […]

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Jan 12th 2015

JCHR Report into the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill

The Joint Committee on Human Rights has today published a report providing legislative scrutiny of the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill. In November last year we provided a breakdown of what was going to be contained in the Bill and our initial analysis. Key points from the JCHR report: On scrutiny of the Bill 1.8 […]

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Jan 7th 2015

Privacy Not Included

Christmas is over for another year and the January sales are in full swing.  You might have been spoilt by a loved one or treated yourself to a new piece of shiny technology; a smart watch, smart TV, drone or a new mobile phone.   You might have spent the holidays installing a remote heating system.  Maybe your New Year’s resolution has been to […]

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