Jul 30th 2018

No – We Still Don’t Want ID Cards

It is disappointing to see Policy Exchange’s attempt to revive the tired and failed idea of a national ID scheme. The British public has made clear time and time again that we don’t want ID cards, ID numbers, or centralised databases of highly sensitive information about us. A national ID scheme would be dangerous, expensive, […]

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Jun 24th 2018

5 million biometric IDs by the back door – HMRC’s voice IDs, your rights and the law

DOES HMRC HAVE YOUR VOICE ID? Big Brother Watch expects HMRC to delete its giant database of voice IDs – but at the very least, it must publish accessible information as to how individuals can easily and securely have their voiceprint deleted. The ICO is now investigating this issue. However, if you want to take […]

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Aug 13th 2012

Are you ready to provide your fingerprint on demand?

West Midlands police are now able to ID crime suspects on the street after hi-tech fingerprint devices have been rolled out across the force. The scanners are satellite linked to the national fingerprint database and will instantly alert officers if the scanned prints belong to a convicted criminal. Officers will then be able to cross […]

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Dec 5th 2011

Whose data is it anyway?

The Government’s plans to share/sell/publish (depending on which newspaper report you’ve read) anonymous health information features prominently in many national newspapers today. The Sunday Telegraph carried the story with a remark that ‘excessive regulation’ is preventing sharing of information. It is simply laughable to describe Britain’s data protection regime as excessive. Barely existent is closer […]

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