Mar 16th 2018

We know why Alexa is laughing

A few weeks ago, Alexas across the globe started laughing. Owners were left seriously disturbed after Alexa began cackling for no apparent reason. The creepiness of smart devices that we willingly place into our homes and offices, for the sake of convenience, can rarely be perceived so obviously. Was it really worth bugging our own […]

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Oct 25th 2016

Companies consider use-by-dates for smart devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been hitting the news headlines recently and last Friday the world discovered just how vulnerable they can be. A network of devices including webcams and baby-monitors were hijacked by a hacking botnet which by initializing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack brought down many of the websites we all use as part […]

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Jun 3rd 2016

Response to the JCHR’s report on the Investigatory Powers Bill

Yesterday the Joint Committee on Human Rights published their scrutiny report into the Investigatory Powers Bill. The Committee has made a number of recommendations which Parliament should pay attention to during report stage on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th June.  In particular their recommendations regarding the modification of warrants, oversight and the broadness of thematic warrantry, […]

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Feb 21st 2013

RFID Taking the Mickey?

Today’s Independent reports on the latest front in retail convenience and privacy, with Disney’s plans to utilise RFID technology. “The latest kerfuffle has resulted from Disney’s plan to introduce an RFID wristband – “the MagicBand” – at its parks during 2013. It would function as a room key, a parking ticket, a pass for certain […]

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