Jun 14th 2017

The French-British action plan on internet security is likely to make us less, not more safe

Earlier this afternoon the Home Office published a French-British Action Plan on its website. You can read it here The “action plan” agreed by Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron outlines 4 steps for an “initiative to ensure the internet cannot be used as a safe space for terrorists and criminals”. Whilst […]

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Jul 28th 2016

Privacy wins as Supreme Court knock down Scotland’s totalitarian Named Person Scheme

Privacy won today in the Supreme Court in a case brought by the Christian Institute and others opposing the Named Person Scheme set to become law in Scotland next month. The Christian Institute and others took the Scottish Government to court over their proposed Named Person Scheme.  The scheme would have permitted the Scottish Government […]

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Jul 17th 2015

DRIPA “unlawful” according to High Court judgment

A year to the day that DRIPA was enacted its early demise has been confirmed in the High Court. Today’s judgment in the judicial review brought by David Davis MP and Tom Watson MP is a huge blow to the Government. The Court has found DRIPA to be unlawful, proving that rushing emergency legislation through […]

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Feb 10th 2014

Paper on security and privacy for the ISC

Big Brother Watch was invited to submit a paper to the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament, relating to it’s inquiry into the balance between security and privacy. You can now read our submission below. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In a Democratic society, some secrecy is tolerated, as are some intrusions upon liberty and privacy, provided the […]

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Jan 16th 2014

High Court rules Google Safari case can go ahead in the UK

Today the High Court took an important step in addressing ongoing concern about the collection of British people’s data by foreign companies. A group of users of Apple’s Safari browser brought their action against Google after the company tracked their web use despite the ‘do not track’ feature of their browser being enabled. This was […]

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