Feb 3rd 2014

Deregulation Bill must not undermine journalist freedom

The Deregulation Bill, debated by MPs today, has caused alarm after it was highlighted that one of its clauses, which alters the process for obtaining production orders with regard to material held by journalists, significantly undermines the essential protections for journalists from being forced to hand over material to the police. Of particular concern is […]

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Jan 29th 2014

EU Chief wants to block 'undesirable' content on the web

Yesterday the new European Union anti-terror chief appeared infront of MPs to discuss various issues, including what people are reading online. As we’ve previously warned, the UK’s Anti-Extremism task force has already alluded to greater filtering of web content and now the EU has taken it one step further, with Gilles de Kerchove telling MPs […]

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Aug 1st 2013

Government announces plans to regulate private investigators

The Home Secretary yesterday confirmed plans to regulate private investigators, including a new penalty for working as an unlicensed private investigator or supplying unlicensed investigators of a fine of up to £5,000 and up to six months in prison. In our report earlier this year, we warned that private investigators were potentially being used to […]

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Apr 19th 2013

Small bloggers good, small newspapers bad

The latest twist in the Leveson saga is the Government’s proposed amendments to protect ‘small scale bloggers’. We previously warned the drafting meant groups like Big Brother Watch could be covered, along with websites like ConHome and Mumsnet. The amendment makes clear if you’re a multi-author blog with a turnover below £2m, you won’t be […]

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Mar 25th 2013

A small scale catastrophe?

We have highlighted that the current drafting of “relevant publisher” for the purposes of the Leveson law risks capturing blogs and organisations like Big Brother Watch in a system of regulation never intended for them. The Government’s amendment to the Crime and Courts Bill exempts “a person who publishes a small-scale blog” from the definition […]

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