Oct 13th 2011

Protecting the public isn’t just about police powers

Writing on The Commentator, I argue that the police don’t need new powers, they need a new approach. “Both Coalition parties repeatedly highlighted the proliferation of criminal offences and new powers introduced by the last government, and how such an approach made the police’s work harder by ‘rewriting the rule book’ repeatedly. Less than 18 […]

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Sep 19th 2011

Big Brother is Watching You at Work- And Everywhere Else Too

We’ve learned several lessons from CCTV in recent weeks and the desired and actual effects of it on social behaviour.  This weekend, rugby player Mike Tindall was shown in a questionable situation on CCTV footage from a club in New Zealand.  Thousands of hours of CCTV footage during the UK riots have been scoured by […]

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Jan 7th 2011

Clegg’s speech: a waste of time

I attended Nick Clegg's speech this morning, and discussed it on Victoria Derbyshire's show on Radio 5 Live today. Over at Public Service I have written an article which puts the argument more fully. In case you're interested, I thought I'd reproduce it here: Perhaps against our better judgment, I and a number of other […]

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Dec 13th 2010

Into the Lion’s Den…

Our Director, Alex Deane, took part in a debate in Newcastle at an international security conference in November, with •DCC Graeme Gerrard, deputy chief constable of Cheshire and the ACPO lead on CCTV•Colin Murphy, deputy chair of the PCMA and CCTV coordinator of the Safer Birmingham Partnership•Gordon McLanaghan, manager of the Emergency Control Centre at […]

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