Feb 12th 2010

Demolish the myth that safety, in and of itself, is an absolute good

In arguing against airport body scanners, I've been met with variations on an increasingly prevalent fallacy: "if it makes us a little safer, it's worth it"; "if it saves one life, stops one crime…" What a specious argument that is. It would "save one child" to ban the car, but we don't, because it would […]

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Feb 11th 2010

Alex Deane reviews ‘The Assault on Liberty’ by Dominic Raab

Alex is invited to appear on Epilogue – Press TV's book review programme – and joins host, Ken Livingstone, and Rodney Austin, a Human Rights Lecturer at University College London, to discuss 'The Assault on Liberty: What went wrong with rights' by Dominic Raab. Dominic is a good friend of Big Brother Watch and his book is […]

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Jan 31st 2010

WATCH: BBC Breakfast, Monday 7.15AM – Alex Deane debates full body scanners.

Alex Deane, Director of Big Brother Watch, will be appearing tomorrow (Monday) on the BBC Breakfast Show (available on BBC One and the BBC News Channel) debating the government's decision to roll-out full-body scanners to all UK airports. Putting forward the official line will be Transport Secretary, Lord Andrew Adonis. Tune in at 7.15am to watch the […]

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Jan 18th 2010

Media Coverage – 18th January

BBC News – Body scanners risk right to privacy, says UK watchdog Privacy campaigners welcomed the EHRC's move. Dylan Sharpe, campaign director of Big Brother Watch, said the government had not considered privacy in its "desperation to be seen to be doing something". "They are another intrusion into our privacy in the name of protection, […]

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