Apr 5th 2017

Should removal of privacy be a condition of travel?

Are you prepared to hand over the passwords to your social media accounts to the USA authorities as a condition of wanting to go to America for a holiday, for business, to see family or to study? Probably not? Today’s news features a story that the US Government may consider asking UK travellers to the […]

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Dec 7th 2016

Uber now tracks you even after you’ve left the car

You may have seen that the press are reporting Uber are now tracking app users’ locations even after the journey is over and the app is no longer active. The hire-a-ride company now records a person’s location for up to five minutes after they have been dropped off. The firm claims it is so they can see where people go just […]

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Jul 12th 2016

Not quite the very best: Pokemon Go causes a whirlwind of privacy issues

The last few days have seen the rapid takeover of the internet by augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. The game allows players to roam the world, capturing and training virtual Pokémon (the fictional creatures of the enormously successful Pokémon franchise). However since its release last week security concerns around the app’s permission requests and use […]

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