Jul 6th 2017

NHS, DeepMind and the ICO: The importance of privacy in a modern NHS

Two reports published this week have focussed the public’s attention on the arrangement between DeepMind and the Royal Free Hospital. The two reports; one by the Information Commissioners Officer (ICO) and one by an Independent Review Panel created by DeepMind themselves, have looked in detail at the arrangement, which has been in place since September […]

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Nov 28th 2014

No Halt to the Sharing of Medical Records

Despite uncovering thousands of cases of patient information being wrongly disclosed to third parties a recent review into the sharing of medical records with private sector companies endorses the practice. The Daily Telegraph reports that the review, conducted by Sir Nick Partridge found that “tens of thousands of records were wrongly passed to third parties”. […]

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Aug 28th 2014

Another Day another Data Breach

In what is becoming an ever more regular occurrence for the NHS, it has been reported that the East Midlands Ambulance Service has lost a disk containing the notes of 42,000 patients’ who had been treated by paramedics in the last few months. This incident once again underlines the dangers of organisations holding increasing amounts […]

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Apr 3rd 2014

Patients still in the dark about medical data uses

Today’s publication of  the Health and Social Care Information Centre’s (HSCIC) register of data releases is striking for what it does not include. It is only the tip of the iceberg. Minister Dr Dan Poulter told Parliament on 25 March that records of the data released by HSCIC would be made public and would cover […]

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