Apr 5th 2017

Should removal of privacy be a condition of travel?

Are you prepared to hand over the passwords to your social media accounts to the USA authorities as a condition of wanting to go to America for a holiday, for business, to see family or to study? Probably not? Today’s news features a story that the US Government may consider asking UK travellers to the […]

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Oct 20th 2016

Dynamic IP addresses declared a type of private data

Yesterday saw an important judgement by the European Court of Justice that declared dynamic IP addresses should be classed as personal data in the same manner as static IP addresses. The judgement was the result of a case brought to the ECJ by a member of Germany’s Pirate Party, opposing how the government websites he was doing […]

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Aug 30th 2016

WhatsApp and Facebook data sharing – still questions to be answered

The recent news that WhatsApp will be sharing user information with Facebook has been greeted with concern by both privacy groups and the media. Having long campaigned for companies to be open about their data sharing practices, it would be churlish of us to not acknowledge that WhatsApp have made efforts to do so, signalling […]

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Jun 3rd 2016

Response to the JCHR’s report on the Investigatory Powers Bill

Yesterday the Joint Committee on Human Rights published their scrutiny report into the Investigatory Powers Bill. The Committee has made a number of recommendations which Parliament should pay attention to during report stage on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th June.  In particular their recommendations regarding the modification of warrants, oversight and the broadness of thematic warrantry, […]

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