Feb 15th 2012

Police and CPS admit failing to protect gang witness identity

Today the impact of poor data protection was made hauntingly clear. A series of fundamental errors by the Met Police and the Crown Prosecution Service  led to a child witness having their details divulged to the very gang members that he were speaking out against.  The Met Police – who had promised the child that […]

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Feb 10th 2012

3 Million background checks in 2011

Figures published today by Big Brother Watch expose the astonishing fact that during 2011 2,981,958 CRB checks were made by 3,924 registered bodies. That’s a staggering 1 in 17 of the British population undergoing the check. One company, Atlantic Data, carried out more than 180,000 checks alone.  Essex County Council commissioned 21,908 checks, the highest […]

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Jan 17th 2012

When is a crime not a crime?

Last year Big Brother Watch highlighted the troubling scale of the misuse of police databases by both officers and civilian staff. Our report was the first national research undertaken to expose the extent of these very serious invasions of privacy. But are some of the officers involved escaping justice? In recent days, the Daily Mail […]

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Dec 6th 2011

I’m an occupier, not a terorrist

Whatever you may think of the Occupy movement and their methods, it’s fair to say they’re not Al Qaeda. Not unless you’re City of London police that is. In a new briefing on domestic terrorism and extremism threats to City businesses, the force has listed the Occupy movement alongside threats posed by the Revolutionary Armed […]

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Nov 15th 2011

Top Merseyside police officer suspended for abusing database access

Yet another alleged incident of a public official abusing their access to information has arisen, this time in Liverpool. DCI Mike Lawlor has been charged with six counts of accessing personal information held by the police without authorisation. As highlighted by the Liverpool Echo, he worked at the Intelligence and Security Bureau (ISB) at Merseyside […]

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