Jul 19th 2017

Still no biometric strategy, but launch of a competition to find Robocop instead.

A couple of days ago the Security Minister Ben Wallace announced the launch of a competition open to the “country’s brightest talents” to help the Government “reduce the threat from terrorist attacks using weapons or explosives.” What can this mean?  Are the Government so lost for solutions that they need to create a competition to […]

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Jun 14th 2017

The French-British action plan on internet security is likely to make us less, not more safe

Earlier this afternoon the Home Office published a French-British Action Plan on its website. You can read it here The “action plan” agreed by Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron outlines 4 steps for an “initiative to ensure the internet cannot be used as a safe space for terrorists and criminals”. Whilst […]

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Sep 29th 2016

Body-worn cameras: helpful in a study at least

A new study by the Cambridge Institute of Criminology reports that wearing body-worn cameras causes a 93% reduction in complaints by members of the public. Any news of a reduction in complaints made against the police should be cause to celebrate. However while the study itself certainly had an impact on the behaviour of police […]

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May 17th 2016

Are Body Worn Cameras really useful?

Body Worn Cameras, it is claimed, are designed to improve behaviour.  Behaviour of both the public and police officers.  The use of the cameras we are told makes it less likely for members of the public to physically assault officers and for officers to use force in return. It’s something often repeated by experts in […]

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May 12th 2016

Even non-police agencies are misusing the Police National Computer

The Police National Computer (PNC) and access to the information held on it has always been a hotly debated topic. The PNC stores data on individuals who have been subject to a conviction, caution, reprimand, warning or arrest. Over the years countless stories have shown that the database has been misused time and again by […]

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