Jul 31st 2014

Body Worn Cameras Briefing

With Police forces around the UK conducting trial schemes and roll outs of body worn cameras (BWCs), we have created a briefing on the use of the technology which can be viewed here (pdf). The largest trial has taken place within the Metropolitan Police Service, beginning on 8 May 2014 and seeing the distribution of […]

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May 6th 2014

Calls for urgent review of Met Police's security measures following 300 data breaches

An investigation by the Press Association has revealed 300 serious data breaches in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), including information being passed on or sold to journalists.  These revelations are likely to have a direct impact on the level of trust between the public and police, so it is essential that MPS now launches an […]

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Apr 7th 2014

Support grows for surveillance transparency

Last November we launched our ‘Time for Transparency’ campaign, revealing new polling that showed 66% of people want more information about how surveillance powers are used, with 70% wanting companies like BT and EE to publish their own reports about the requests they receive, as companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft now regularly release. Today […]

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Feb 11th 2014

Police staff forced to quit after snooping on familes and lovers

From passing on incorrect information to snooping on friends, a number of shocking data protection breaches in police forces have been uncovered. With hundreds of incidents every year it is time to start asking whether it is too easy for police databases to be abused to snoop on innocent people. Big Brother Watch has long […]

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Feb 3rd 2014

Deregulation Bill must not undermine journalist freedom

The Deregulation Bill, debated by MPs today, has caused alarm after it was highlighted that one of its clauses, which alters the process for obtaining production orders with regard to material held by journalists, significantly undermines the essential protections for journalists from being forced to hand over material to the police. Of particular concern is […]

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