Nov 3rd 2009

GPS tracking devices on the high-street

We have all known for some time (in part thanks to Mission Impossible, James Bond, Spooks etc) that it was possible to track the exact location of someone through their mobile phone. What we perhaps didn't realise is how easy it has become to acquire that technology. No longer the preserve of 'M' or the FBI, it […]

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Nov 2nd 2009

There’s a lot of bytes in a yottabyte

News comes that the NSA in the United States is in the process of building a new data storage facility in Utah. Not just any facility – one capable of storing “yottabytes of surveillance data”. A yottabite is about 1,000,000,000,000,000 Gigabytes of data. They put it in perspective over at Erictric: A typical modern computer hard […]

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Oct 2nd 2009

Sureveillance state creeps into the supermarket

Buried away in an article on the Nintendo WII today in the Daily Telegraph, is the disturbing news that the Police are now able to monitor our activities through our usage of store loyalty cards like the Tesco Clubcard. According to a senior officer quoted in Police Review magazine, officers are being told that it is legitimate to search a […]

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