Jan 2nd 2014

More than One million pupils fingerprinted at school

As the new school term gets underway, now is the time for parents to check if their children are among the hundreds of thousands of pupils who are using biometric technology. Today we have published our latest report looking at the use of biometric technology in secondary schools and academies which, based on data from the […]

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May 29th 2013

When the facts don’t fit your argument for snooping, just make them up

In today’s Times, Nick Herbert MP has written an article calling for the return of the Communications Data Bill. Although it’s not clear he has read it. As copyright law prohibits us from reproducing the entire article, we have had to pick and choose which errors to reproduce here. Which has proved tricky, as most […]

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Aug 22nd 2012

Calling time on the Grim RIPA

Our latest report, ‘A legacy of surveillance‘, looks at how the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act has been used by both local and public authorities in recent years. A decade on and more than three million authorisations later, our research found how there is still a great deal of uncertainty about how and why the […]

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Jun 7th 2012

Reclaim your DNA

Our report on the DNA Database highlighted how the database has continued to grow in recent years, and that despite the passage of the Protection of Freedoms Act innocent people still have no timetable for when their DNA will be removed from the database. We’re delighted to support GeneWatch’s ‘Reclaim your DNA’ campaign,which aims to […]

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Jun 5th 2012

New report: The DNA Database in 2012

Today Big Brother Watch publishes our report looking at the DNA Database, following the passage of the Protection of Freedoms Act through Parliament. While the Coalition agreement pledged to introduce the Scottish model, what was passed into law within the Protection of Freedoms Act retains the uncertainty of the previous system, with discretionary powers to […]

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