Jul 30th 2014

Problems of Social Media Law Dismissed

The legislation that governs the use of social media is “generally appropriate”, or so says a report from the House of Lords Communications Committee. This is despite the legislation being passed, almost without exception, before social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were launched. In its report the Committee found that social media law […]

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Aug 27th 2013

British police are third highest users of Facebook data globally

Today Facebook has published it’s first transparency report, detailing law enforcement and national security requests from countries around the world. Britain requested data on 1,975 occasions, covering 2,337 users. In 32% of cases, Facebook declined to provide any data. Thanks to the transparency reports of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter we continue to learn more […]

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Jun 24th 2013

New research: Global attitudes to privacy online

Our latest research looks at consumer attitudes towards online privacy, with the findings confounding presumptions that consumers – young or old – do not care about their privacy. Undertaken by ComRes, it involved 10,354 interviews across nine countries (UK, Germany, France, Spain, India, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and Australia) and the key findings were: Three […]

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Jun 10th 2013

PRISM, the NSA and internet privacy: questions for the UK

Recent days have seen a deluge of revelations about the US’ National Security Agency and a spy programme known as Prism, after 29 year old whistleblower Edward Snowden decided he had seen enough to justify going public with his concerns the scale of the surveillance apparatus being built by America. There are clearly several issues […]

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Mar 27th 2013

The social media shaped hole in surveillance law

Over the last decade there has been an increasing change in the nature of surveillance – particularly the ability to search online, through social networks and through semi-public sources of information, reinforcing the need for the law to be reformed to protect the public from unwarranted surveillance. What needs to be made very clear is […]

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