Mar 12th 2013

Study links Facebook ‘likes’ with personality traits

Facebook’s ‘likes’ could reveal the sexuality, political leanings and even your intelligence with an accuracy of between 65-95%. The study, created by Cambridge University, should will ring alarm bells for anyone who thinks that privacy settings are the solution to protecting information online. The study, which used 58,000 volunteers, looked at Facebook “likes” and demographic […]

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Feb 7th 2013

Heroic assumptions from the Home Office

This week saw the publication of the Intelligence and Security Committee’s report into the Draft Communications Data Bill. While the report only looks at the way the intelligence and security agencies use communications data, and not the police, it offers further insights into the issue. In the accompanying press statement, the Committee highlighted its scepticsm, […]

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Jan 28th 2013

Happy Data Privacy Day!

Happy Data Privacy Day! To mark the day the Market Research Society (MRS) has launched ‘Fair Data, a new ethical mark they claim will help members of the public to easily identify between those organisations which collect, use and retain personal data properly and ethically, and those that do not. MRS hope that all organisations […]

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Dec 19th 2012

New CPS prosecution guidelines for offences committed on social media

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has published interim guidelines on when it is appropriate to prosecute people for communications they send on social media. If the objective was a return to common sense policing, issuing twenty-five pages of guidance has risked complicating the situation even more. The necessity for the communication to be ‘grossly offensive’ […]

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Dec 3rd 2012

Two examples why we don’t need the draft Communications Data Bill

This morning, The Sun carries an article making several claims about the draft Communications Data Bill that bear a striking resemblance to “Mrs May says the new law would be a massive help in preventing another 7/7-style atrocity on Britain’s streets.” However, the 7/7 inquest stated: “Post 7/7 enquiries revealed that between 22nd February and […]

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