Aug 11th 2011

‘Anonymous’ Threatens to Take Down Facebook

Activists working in the name of internet ‘Hacktivist’ group Anonymous have threatened to take down Facebook over its privacy policy. In a YouTube video posted recently, members called upon other ‘hacktivists’ and those interested in protecting internet privacy to get involved and ‘kill’ Facebook.  They have said the takedown will commence on the 5th November, Guy […]

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Aug 9th 2011

London Riots and Social Media

The role of social networking outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry Messenger (BBM) in contributing to the riots over the last few days has been hotly discussed.  Many have voiced concern they should be shut down or limited.  This kind of knee-jerk reaction to the role of social media would be unnecessary and exceedingly […]

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Jul 25th 2011

Facial Recognition Software Acquired by Google

Google has announced an acquisition of the facial recognition software born out of Carnegie Mellon University called Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, or PittPatt.  PittPatt’s site states that they are looking forward to working within the Google team and that its existing computer vision technology partners made the acquisition a natural match. However, Google may now find […]

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