Nov 3rd 2017

Big Brother Watch and Others v UK at the European Court of Human Rights

After 4 years, our case against UK Government surveillance is getting a hearing in the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights. In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that the UK intelligence agency GCHQ was running a mass surveillance and bulk communications interception programme known as TEMPORA.  UK intelligence agencies were also receiving data […]

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Nov 1st 2017

We’re hiring! Big Brother Watch is looking for a new Director

Job Details Big Brother Watch work to ensure that those who fail to respect our privacy, undermine our online security, or fail to protect our personal data, are held to account. We campaign on behalf of individuals to ensure their privacy and civil liberties are maintained in the digital age by government, public authorities and […]

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Jul 19th 2017

Still no biometric strategy, but launch of a competition to find Robocop instead.

A couple of days ago the Security Minister Ben Wallace announced the launch of a competition open to the “country’s brightest talents” to help the Government “reduce the threat from terrorist attacks using weapons or explosives.” What can this mean?  Are the Government so lost for solutions that they need to create a competition to […]

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Jun 21st 2017

Privacy, security, data protection and civil liberties in the Queen’s Speech

This morning the Queen outlined the Government’s plans for the next two years. The full text is available online here. A number of proposals relevant to privacy, security, data protection and the freedom of the internet were included. These fall under a number of headings. Digital Charter Data Protection Countering Extremism Counter Terrorism Arguably all […]

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May 18th 2017

How the NHS cyberattack reveals the flaws in the Government’s attempts to keep us safe

Last week’s global cyberattack which brought large swathes of the NHS to its knees raises some extremely serious questions about the recently passed Investigatory Powers Act (IP Act), in particular the provision for the Government to issue Technical Capability Notices. Technical Capability Notices (TCN) are a small but critical part of the IP Act and […]

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