May 18th 2017

How the NHS cyberattack reveals the flaws in the Government’s attempts to keep us safe

Last week’s global cyberattack which brought large swathes of the NHS to its knees raises some extremely serious questions about the recently passed Investigatory Powers Act (IP ACt), in particular the provision for the Government to issue Technical Capability Notices. Technical Capability Notices (TCN) are a small but critical part of the IP Act and […]

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Feb 14th 2017

Government Cyber Security Strategy – how does encryption fit into all of this?

The new National Cyber Security Centre was officially opened today – although the unofficial opening was 5 months ago. The Chancellor, Phillip Hammond MP, gave a speech outlining the need for a stronger approach to cyber security and the need for all of us, Government, business and citizens to work together to improve our security […]

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Feb 10th 2017

The Government’s Digital Transformation Strategy: putting the cart before the horse.

The Government has finally published its digital strategy. The Government Transformation Strategy sets out some shiny plans for “how the government will harness digital technologies, skills and tools to transform public services and put the citizen first.” The Ministerial foreword highlights some interesting realisations that “citizens feel that they live at the convenience of the […]

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Feb 4th 2017

Yet More Surveillance in the Classroom

First it was police officers, then it was council officials and now it seems schools are beginning to issue teachers with body worn cameras. Two UK schools have reportedly begun using the technology to gather evidence of serious misbehaviour or to capture “moments worth sharing”. Already many schools have introduced CCTV cameras, biometric systems and […]

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