Jan 29th 2014

EU Chief wants to block 'undesirable' content on the web

Yesterday the new European Union anti-terror chief appeared infront of MPs to discuss various issues, including what people are reading online. As we’ve previously warned, the UK’s Anti-Extremism task force has already alluded to greater filtering of web content and now the EU has taken it one step further, with Gilles de Kerchove telling MPs […]

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Nov 27th 2013

Who decides what we can read?

Speaking at the Internet Service Providers Association, Security Minister James Brokenshire said that an announcement on blocking extremist websites is ‘forthcoming.’ This follows the Prime Minister telling Parliament on October 23 that: “We have had repeated meetings of the extremism task force — it met again yesterday — setting out a whole series of steps […]

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Aug 14th 2013

To be, or not to be, blocked, that is the question

In the latest development of over-zealous internet filtering, the British Library has blocked access to Shakespeare’s Hamlet because of its “violent content”. The block was discovered by author Mark Forsyth, who attempted to check a line from the play over the library’s wi-fi network. We have repeatedly warned that there is a fundamental issue with […]

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Nov 8th 2012

Putting a price on our data

A new report by Boston Consulting Group on behalf of Liberty Global has attempted to answer the question we often ask – how much is our personal data worth? We’ve previously warned that with free services, consumers are no longer the customer – they are the product, to be monitored, profiled and sold on. With […]

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Sep 6th 2012

An open letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, Re: Department for Education consultation on parental internet controls We write to you as the consultation on parental controls closes. In recent years there have been two comprehensive reviews into the issue of child safety online, the Byron Review and the Bailey Review. They considered a wealth of academic expertise, parental concerns […]

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