Media enquiries

If you are a journalist and would like to speak to our team or request a spokesperson, please call our media line 07730439257 Please note, we can only help with press enquiries on this number. Please do not call this number if you do not have a media enquiry.

You can also email info@bigbrotherwatch.org.uk.

General enquiries

Whether you want to share your views, information, offer support or to request a speaker — we love hearing from you. You’re always welcome to email us at info@bigbrotherwatch.org.uk.

Please note, we’re a very small organisation and can’t reply to many of the emails we receive but we do read them and are grateful for your correspondence.

If you need advice, please note we only have capacity to offer advice on topics within our current major work areas: emergency powers, facial recognition, digital strip searches, and free speech online. If you need advice on any of these issues, please email us with the topic in the email subject.

We are unable to assist with other matters. In limited cases we can direct people to appropriate places to seek advice on other matters. In general, if you need advice about a data protection concern, we would recommend you contact the ICO. If you have a human rights concern, Liberty offers an advice and information service.

Contact us confidentially

If you wish to send us information or tips confidentially, you can message us on Signal at +44 7514913266.

Signal is a secure, private messaging app for Android and iOS mobile phone users. All messages are end-to-end encrypted.

Additionally, we published a guide on how whistleblowers and others can use Signal anonymously.

Please only reach out to us on Signal if your information is relevant to our investigative work.

We have a separate line for media queries (07730439257) and an email address (info@bigbrotherwatch.org.uk) for general questions.