Big Brother Watch is a UK non-profit civil liberties campaign group fighting for a free future. Our vital work is made possible by the generosity of our supporters and donors.


Supporter testimonials

“I see privacy as one of the most important current issues in the Western world. Big Brother Watch seems to be constantly and continuously watching and addressing all aspects of personal privacy - excellent work!”

“You are counter-acting the increasing erosion of our human rights regarding our every day existence. KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK!xx”

“I support Big Brother Watch so that my little voice in conjunction with all the other little voices can form a roar.”


We are a non-partisan, independent campaign organisation. Independence is of central importance to us. Funders do not, and cannot, set our policies or otherwise direct our work.

As a small organisation, we are largely dependent on donations from members of the public. We would like to thank all of those who donate towards our work and legal challenges.


We are incredibly grateful to have received grants from the following trusts and foundations:

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We don't employ any staff for fundraising, admin, HR, or operations. Each team member works directly on our campaigning efforts to defend freedom.