Legal Support

Our job opportunities are open to as many people as possible, thanks to Truth Legal solicitors who have generously given us pro bono legal support. Please read their statement below.

Pro bono publico – a Latin phrase meaning: for the public good. If there is one phrase which sums up the important work carried out by Big Brother Watch, it is that.

In a legal context, though, ‘pro bono’ work means providing legal services for free. Often, this is to help someone who can’t afford the usual fees or to support a cause that a firm believes is important.

At Truth Legal, our solicitors are proud to provide pro bono legal advice and support to Big Brother Watch.

So far, we have helped the organisation navigate the tricky immigration law systems surrounding sponsoring skilled worker visas for individuals from overseas.

Transparency and the protection of fundamental rights

At Truth Legal, we strongly support causes that promote the rule of law and protect social justice.

We have always believed that the law can be a force for good in society. Prone to errors, certainly, and often subject to the short-term whims of governments chasing populist support, but still fundamentally a bulwark to protect the rights and freedoms which make up a free society.

One of Truth Legal’s founding principles is the importance of transparency in our legal work. Our clients deserve to know all that we do on their behalf and the reasons behind it. Only then can they be assured that we are effectively and ethically fulfilling our professional duties.

Big Brother Watch’s fight for greater transparency in government and society at large therefore struck a chord with us. Our government represents us and acts on our behalf. To hold them properly to account, transparency is crucial.

The future

Big Brother Watch’s unwavering commitment to the protection of civil liberties is truly inspiring, and we will continue to support them through our pro bono services.

And, in the same spirit, we are evolving to meet the ever-increasing need for affordable legal services in immigration law. Our legal aid contract to help people seeking asylum is set to take effect later this year, meaning we can provide legal assistance to some of those who need it the most.

We also provide legal services in a variety of other areas, helping people who have been wronged to seek justice. These include personal injury law, clinical negligence, employment law, and professional negligence.

We hope that our support will help Big Brother Watch to maintain its all-important fight for a more ethical and just society. And, in an age when technology is developing so rapidly – outstripping laws, established oversight, and conventional privacy – that struggle has never been more vital.

More information on Truth Legal is available at truthlegal.com