Aug 6th 2019

The Times – Victims should not be subjected to digital strip searches

Writing in the Times, our Legal and Policy Officer Griff Ferris (with co-author Harriet Wistrich, Centre for Women’s Justice) makes the case against “complete surveillance” of victims’ digital private lives: Victims of crime should not expect to be treated by the police like suspects. However, this is the distressing reality for many complainants of sexual […]

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Jul 23rd 2019

Are China’s facial recognition trials really the example the Met police want to follow? (openDemocracy)

Director Silkie Carlo wrote for openDemocracy on the Metropolitan Police’s adoption facial recognition technology that harks back to China’s surveillance state: “What kind of world do you want to live in? One with privacy or one without? In the current technological revolution, this is an urgent question with a long overdue answer. “New technologies are […]

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May 17th 2019

Facial recognition cameras are eroding our civil liberties. We must stop them before it’s too late.

Director Silkie Carlo writes for TIME on Big Brother Watch’s challenge to police facial recognition and witnessing police fine a man after objecting to having his face scanned. The U.K. is certainly adopting surveillance technologies in a style more typical of China than of the West. For centuries, the U.K. and U.S. have entrenched protections […]

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