Nov 8th 2018

Privacy is Power

Griff Ferris, our Legal & Policy Officer, states why the Human Rights Act and Article 8, the right to privacy, is a vital safeguard against authoritarian use of data. Read Griff’s article on RightsInfo here. Privacy is Power Privacy is power. Privacy is the power to protect against unwanted intrusion, influence, and ultimately oppression and […]

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Oct 23rd 2018

Why you should be worried about police mass surveillance of shoppers at the Trafford Centre

Director Silkie Carlo writes in the Manchester Evening News about Greater Manchester Police piggybacking onto the CCTV system of a private security company to secretly roll out live facial recognition technology: “This shock spying in Manchester is the latest in a series of worrying revelations about high tech police surveillance. Police in Cardiff and London […]

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Aug 10th 2018

The public execution of Infowars is dangerous and counterproductive

Read Silkie Carlo’s op-ed on the Guardian here. Always the trendsetter, Apple’s decisive action against the rightwing media outlet Infowars has led to an unprecedented domino effect. After Apple delisted podcast links, Spotify soon followed. Facebook made a decision to “unpublish” Infowars’ pages hours later, before the group’s main home, YouTube, said it had “terminated” […]

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Jul 6th 2018

We’ve got to stop the Met Police’s dangerously authoritarian facial recognition surveillance

Director Silkie Carlo writes in the Metro about the latest deployment of automated facial recognition technology by the Met Police: “We’re not comfortable with young black men being targeted and humiliated because of ‘technical mistakes’. We’re not comfortable with biometric photos of thousands of innocent people being taken and stored on police databases for no […]

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May 15th 2018

Police Facial Recognition Is An Authoritarian And Oppressive Surveillance Tool

Policy and Legal Officer Griff Ferris writes about how the police use of facial recognition technology threatens our civil liberties and what steps need to be taken to protect them. “UK police facial recognition is lawless, undemocratic, and dangerously inaccurate. Police must stop using it now.”   Police Facial Recognition Is An Authoritarian And Oppressive […]

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