Jun 24th 2019

Evening Standard – Police bodycams with facial recognition to pick out criminals from the crowd

A commercial company is developing life facial recognition software for use on police body-worn cameras, which would allow police to scan crowds up to 30ft from the wearer, cross-referencing the faces in real timer against a database of suspects. Silkie Carlo, director, said: “Many police forces have their own ‘guidance’ but there is not any […]

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Jun 20th 2019

The Telegraph – Police trials of facial recognition technology should be banned immediately

David Davis MP wrote an opinion piece in The Telegraph calling for a moratorium on the police’s use of live facial recognition, noting our investigation and revelations around the police’s use and our long-standing campaign against it. He said: “A similar moratorium on the use of live facial recognition here in the UK would be […]

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Jun 5th 2019

Financial Times – Law Society warns that police algorithms ‘put justice at risk’

The Law Society has released a new report and an interactive map compiling evidence on the growing role algorithms play in the criminal justice system. The report criticises the police’s use of facial recognition and mobile extraction technology, warning that “an uncritical reliance on technology could lead to wrong decisions that threaten human rights and […]

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May 31st 2019

The Telegraph – AI emotion detection cameras are being used to spy on shoppers

Retailers are increasingly using AI emotion detection cameras to monitor shoppers’ ‘subliminal reactions’ in order to target advertisements. Director of Big Brother Watch, Silkie Carlo, said: People are right to feel unnerved by emotion tracking. Most people don’t want to be judged by machines as they walk down the street or go shopping. It makes […]

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