Feb 25th 2019

The Times – Police ‘putting rape victims’ privacy at risk’

Big Brother Watch has joined with victims’ rights campaigners and MPs to urge police to reform policies that result in digital investigations of rape victims. The call, backed by Centre for Women’s Justice, End Violence Against Women, Liberty, the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) victims lead Vera Baird, Jess Phillips MP and Caroline […]

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Feb 21st 2019

Justice Gap – Why rape victims’ privacy must be protected from intrusive investigations

If you’d been the victim of a crime and reported it to the police, you wouldn’t expect to be treated like a suspect. You wouldn’t expect the police to take your phone and download all your messages, photos, videos and internet browsing history – masses of information irrelevant to the crime you’d endured. If they […]

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Feb 6th 2019

RightsInfo – Rape victims silenced by requirement to submit mobile phone data

The government is under pressure to reform criminal investigation and evidence laws which allow police and the Crown Prosecution Service to obtain disproportionate and excessive mobile phone information and third-party records from complainants of sexual violence. Our Legal and Policy Officer, Griff Ferris, said: “At a time when more women and men than ever are […]

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Feb 1st 2019

The Independent – At Met Police facial recognition trial in Romford people stopped and searched for covering their faces

The Metropolitan Police deployed their lawless and authoritarian live facial recognition in Romford last Thursday 31 January, which resulted in several people being stopped, searched and even fined by police after covering their faces and objecting to facial recognition. One man was given a fine after being stopped for covering his face, despite the police publicly […]

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