Nov 5th 2018

Your Thurrock – New information revealed about predictive profiles for vulnerable people

A controversial computer system is being used to create profiles on vulnerable people in Thurrock. The system, known to the council as the “predictive modelling platform”, assigns “potential vulnerable people” a score that indicates whether they need attention from social services. Council data from housing, education, social care, benefits and debt all contribute to the […]

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Nov 2nd 2018

Daily Express – Home Office £500,000 ‘competition’ for surveillance tech ideas to tackle knife crime

The Daily Express reported on a competition unveiled by the Home Office for ideas on how to tackle knife crime. Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch, said: “This ‘competition’ seeks to turn a serious crime problem into a dystopian race towards invasive surveillance tools that would covertly scan the bodies of thousands of innocent […]

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Oct 25th 2018

The Guardian – Counter-terror bill is a threat to press freedom, say campaigners

A joint statement signed by nine organisations including Big Brother Watch has warned of the possibility that the new counter-terror powers currently being considered by Parliament – the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill – threatens free speech, access to information, journalistic sources and academic research, and will criminalise thought. The Guardian – Counter-terror bill is […]

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Oct 22nd 2018

Wired – Heathrow is rolling out a facial recognition system

Heathrow is rolling out a facial recognition system where a camera compares your face to the photo stored in a passport’s embedded chip. Facial recognition remains controversial — technology trialled by British police makes plenty of mistakes — and raises concerns about privacy and algorithmic bias. Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch says: “Passengers […]

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Oct 14th 2018

Mail on Sunday – Police in Manchester are caught using live facial recognition to spy on shoppers

‘Millions of shoppers had their faces secretly scanned by controversial high-tech cameras looking for criminals’. Silkie Carlo, director of civil liberties group Big Brother Watch, said: “The lawless growth of facial recognition surveillance in this country is chilling. These identity checkpoints are being quietly rolled out in public places with almost no public awareness, in […]

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