Oct 22nd 2018

Wired – Heathrow is rolling out a facial recognition system

Heathrow is rolling out a facial recognition system where a camera compares your face to the photo stored in a passport’s embedded chip. Facial recognition remains controversial — technology trialled by British police makes plenty of mistakes — and raises concerns about privacy and algorithmic bias. Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch says: “Passengers […]

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Oct 14th 2018

Mail on Sunday – Police in Manchester are caught using live facial recognition to spy on shoppers

‘Millions of shoppers had their faces secretly scanned by controversial high-tech cameras looking for criminals’. Silkie Carlo, director of civil liberties group Big Brother Watch, said: “The lawless growth of facial recognition surveillance in this country is chilling. These identity checkpoints are being quietly rolled out in public places with almost no public awareness, in […]

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Sep 21st 2018

BBC Podcast – Tech Tent: Do the police have your biometric digits?

“Campaign group Big Brother Watch claims that many people who have been wrongly identified by police facial recognition systems still end up in police databases, despite their innocence. “On the Tech Tent podcast this week, we hear about growing concerns that governments and law enforcement agencies are collecting biometric data at the expense of privacy.” […]

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Sep 20th 2018

Evening Standard – Smile for Amazon: your next parcel could film your reaction as you open the box

Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch, said: “When even the mundane act of opening a parcel becomes an opportunity for sensors and surveillance, the crazy line has been crossed and customers’ rights overlooked. “This is yet another example of Amazon’s relentlessly dystopian product developments and their general approach to shaping technology for the future […]

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Sep 19th 2018

Computer programme to predict whether residents will become anti-social or homeless

A spokesperson for civil liberties organisation Big Brother Watch said: “We are alarmed to learn that councils are using predictive systems that invade families’ private lives and make stigmatising assumptions about them. It is astounding that councils have managed to advance such a terrible idea so far. “This seriously risks profiling families and casting suspicion […]

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