Jun 28th 2018

Big Brother Watch response to Met use of facial recognition in Stratford, London

“This is outrageous. Big Brother Watch and Baroness Jones warned the Met and the Home Secretary that we’ll take legal action if they use facial recognition surveillance again. But they have obviously ignored the human rights issues and rather have concocted new plans to monitor Londoners in Stratford. The lawless use of Orwellian surveillance is becoming […]

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Jun 25th 2018

HMRC takes 5 million taxpayers’ Voice IDs without consent

Big Brother Watch’s investigation reveals: Over 5.1 million taxpayers’ biometric voiceprints have been taken without consent Big Brother Watch accuses HMRC of creating “biometric ID cards by the back door” The ICO is now investigating Millions of taxpayers’ voiceprints may have been shared with other Government departments HM Revenue and Customs has collected 5.1 million […]

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Jun 14th 2018

Big Brother Watch launches legal challenge to Government and Met Police on “dangerously authoritarian” facial recognition cameras

Big Brother Watch has today launched a landmark legal challenge to the Metropolitan Police’s use of real-time facial recognition cameras. Big Brother Watch has joined with parliamentarian Baroness Jenny Jones to urge Home Secretary Sajid Javid and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police to stop the police’s use of the “dangerously authoritarian” surveillance technology. The […]

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May 22nd 2018

Big Brother Watch’s statement on the Met Police’s stop on using facial recognition at Notting Hill Carnival

“We are delighted that the Met has seen common sense and will not be targeting Notting Hill Carnival with facial recognition again this year. “However, we are troubled by the force’s plans to dramatically increase use of facial recognition over the next six months. Public outcry, shocking inaccuracy statistics, and the absence of appropriate legal […]

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May 15th 2018

“Dangerous and inaccurate” police facial recognition exposed in new Big Brother Watch report

Big Brother Watch’s report, released today, reveals: South Wales Police store photos of all innocent people incorrectly matched by facial recognition for a year, without their knowledge, resulting in a biometric database of over 2,400 innocent people Home Office spent £2.6m funding South Wales Police’s use of the technology, although it is “almost entirely inaccurate” […]

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