BBC — YouTube has removed TalkRadio’s entire channel

Big Brother Watch Team / January 5, 2021

In a bold censorship move that would make China proud, YouTube has removed TalkRadio’s entire channel.

This is an assault on free expression + must be overturned.

Silkie Carlo, Director of Big Brother Watch said:

“YouTube’s termination of a national broadcaster is further evidence that privatised, big tech censorship is spiralling out of control and must be challenged.”

BBC — TalkRadio: YouTube reverses decision to ban channel

The Sun — YouTube sparks free speech scandal after banning talkRADIO for debating the Covid lockdown

PS. Following enormous backlash, talkRADIO is back on YouTube. With the Government’s Online Harms Bill due in coming weeks, there will be *many* more attempts to censor lawful expression online. We must resist them.