City A.M. – Clearview AI forced to restrict sales of facial recognition

Big Brother Watch Team / May 16, 2022

Controversial software company Clearview AI has been forced to limit the sales of its facial recognition database.

After the ACLU filed a lawsuit two years ago, Clearview AI has now agreed to limit its sales to most companies in the U.S. restricting its database to law-enforcement agencies in the country.

The company boasts a bank of billions of photographs of people scraped from social media sites.

In response to news, campaign group Big Brother Watch called on the UK government to ban use of facial recognition technology, as they claimed the situation “remains seriously out of control”.

Speaking to City A.M. Big Brother Watch policy officer Madeleine Stone said: “Clearview AI’s database of billions of faces is incompatible with the most basic expectations of privacy and anonymity in a democracy.”

“While this settlement is a step towards reining in dystopian and discriminatory facial recognition in the US, the situation in the UK remains seriously out of control. Parliament urgently needs to step in and ban facial recognition.

City A.M. – Surveillance tech firm Clearview AI agrees to block businesses from using facial recognition database