CryptoPartyLDN Podcast: Privacy 2028

Big Brother Watch Team / November 20, 2018

This podcast explores the decentralized movement exploring privacy and surveillance organised by Big Brother Watch, CryptoPartyLDN, which was held at Free Word in November 2018 as part of This Is Private.

In a post-9/11 age of insecurity, and with technologies changing the world around us, what will the state of privacy be ten years from now? Is the human right to privacy facing an existential threat from rapidly developing technologies, or can we use technologies to protect our fundamental right to a private life?

This podcast revisits the digital security workshop followed by a Q&A with: Head of Policy at TechUK Vinous Ali; technology author and journalist Glyn Moody; and Chairman of The Institute for Ethical AI and Machine Learning Alejandro Saucedo. Chaired by Director of Big Brother Watch, Silkie Carlo.

Click here for the full recording.