CryptoPartyLDN Talk: ‘Encryption Not Allowed’ – Jake Davis & Mustafa Al-Bassam on Lulzsec & SCPOs

Big Brother Watch Team / June 22, 2018


“Encryption not allowed”, from Mustafa Al-Bassam (@musalbas) and Jake Davis (@DoubleJake).

Mustafa and Jake were legally banned from using encryption on their computers, and were required to email the police every time they purchased a new computer, due to a “Serious Crime Prevention Order” lasting 5 years. They discuss the experience and their interactions with the police during these 5 years.

This talk took place at CryptoPartyLDN ( facilitated by Big Brother Watch and Reckon Digital. All are welcome to our free monthly CryptoParties offering digital empowerment and privacy training to beginners.

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