Daily Mail – Are we sleepwalking into Big Brother Britain?

Big Brother Watch Team / September 5, 2022

Casting a shadow over the leafy London borough of Wandsworth is a disturbing anthropomorphic CCTV camera, made by a Chinese state-affiliated company  with facial recognition capabilities.

With more CCTV cameras per person in London than in Beijing, and with residents of the UK capital being the third most watched population in the world, some now fear the UK is on a fast-track to rival China.

Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch, warned that “Britons have always closely guarded our privacy . . . but we are sleepwalking into a society where everything we do, say, or spend is tracked and monitored.

“The potential for Britain’s enormous structure of mass surveillance, including facial recognition, to be used against its own citizens — whether a cyber attack or a conflict — is phenomenal, and poses a serious danger to our security and freedom.”

Daily Mail – Is Big Brother Britain about to become the world’s ultimate surveillance state?