Daily Mail – Campaigners angered by Chris Philp’s plans to expand facial recognition use behind closed doors

Big Brother Watch Team / May 16, 2023

A new report co-authored by academics Pete Fussey and William Webster revealed that Policing minister Chris Philp is pushing for a national roll-out of facial recognition behind closed doors.

This comes after the widely criticised use of facial recognition technology at the Coronation on Saturday, 6 May 2023.

Big Brother Watch’s legal and policy officer, Madeleine Stone said:

‘Live facial recognition technology is frighteningly intrusive and enormously inaccurate.

‘This suspiciounless mass surveillance tool turns us into walking barcodes that police officers can scan at will. It has no place in British policing.

‘Instead of trying to quietly push this Orwellian technology on police forces, the Government should urgently halt its rollout, given the enormous risks it poses to our privacy and civil liberties.’

Daily Mail – UK police forces could roll out facial recognition cameras using AI