Daily Mail – Facebook’s Covid ‘misinformation’ causes freedom of speech concern

Big Brother Watch Team / February 9, 2021

Facebook’s crackdown on what it considers Covid ‘misinformation’ has sparked freedom of speech fears.

The ban includes claims that Covid was man-made and a vaccine misinformation clampdown.

Mark Johnson, Legal and Policy Officer at Big Brother Watch said:

‘Facebook’s increasing censorship of COVID-19 related content online is not only damaging to free speech but is eroding public trust at a time when it is more important than ever,’ Mr Johnson said.

‘Tech giants like Facebook are increasingly being leant on by our Government to censor lawful speech. This is a slippery slope. The right to free speech has never been limited to the consensus of authorities. Even during a global pandemic, freedom of speech must be protected.’

Daily Mail – Facebook Covid ‘misinformation’ crackdown sparks freedom of speech fears: Claims such as ‘coronavirus is man-made’ are banned despite fact outbreak’s source is still unknown