Daily Mail – Government scheme gives companies access to smart meter data

Big Brother Watch Team / October 23, 2019

The UK government has unveiled a £20 million scheme which gives private companies access to the data from smart meters in over 10,000 households. The grant has been given to develop products that will aid with energy savings but there are fears that companies cannot be trusted with this personal data.

One company is working with Amazon and Onzo, an analytics company that boasted it could ‘monetise’ data to ‘build a highly personalised profile’ that would assist with ‘highly targeted sales campaigns.’ Another company has created a product that allows employers to check on employees from a distance, while another allows landlords to check on their tenants’ heating devices.

Silkie Carlo, Director of Big Brother Watch, said ‘the idea we should consent to such data surveillance for commercial benefits puts a price on the privacy of our homes.’

Daily Mail – The smart meter snoopers… already in homes as part of a little-known £20m plan to track energy habits