Digit – Facebook encryption could put lives in danger, according to Ministers

Big Brother Watch Team / October 10, 2019

Representatives from the UK, US and Australia have written an open letter asking Facebook to end plans for end-to-end encryption across its messaging platforms.

Among the signatories, is Home Secretary Priti Patel. Ministers claim that encryption could threaten lives by restricting law enforcement agencies from accessing social media messages.

The open letter follows the signing of a data access agreement between the UK and US which seeks to speed up cross-border surveillance.

Director of Big Brother Watch, Silkie Carlo, commented:

““The proposal for a government back-door to global encrypted communications is one of the most damaging of the information age. It’s an attack on our ability to have private conversations online.

Authorities already have a raft of strong powers to read the communications of targeted suspects. But seeking back-doors to Facebook platforms, which are used by the majority of the online world, would violate the privacy and security of over two billion people.”

Digit – Facebook Messaging Encryption Could “Threaten Lives”, Ministers Claim