Financial Times — The Covid Data Heist

Big Brother Watch Team / June 8, 2020

Covid Analytica? Yet another dodgy Government’s contract, yet more cash to Faculty AI after non-competitive process. £400k+ to ‘forecast’ rental market over 3m.

Faculty will use data from government, social media, utility & telecom bills, credit agencies + more. (Link)

Much of the contract, even the purpose, is redacted.

Faculty has 2+ other contracts for work on Covid; it’s had 9 Government contracts over past 2yrs.

Cabinet Office minister Lord Agnew is a Faculty shareholder — he owns £90,000 of the company’s shares.

Nothing to see here..!

These well-connected, lucrative big data AI firms take the the responsibility of handling of millions of people’s data very seriously.

So seriously, the data protection sections of the contract haven’t… even been filled out…

The covid data heist continues. At our expense.

Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch said:

“Nothing comes for free. Local authorities are lost and underprepared and [these services] entrench the importance of data sets in government.

“I think the crisis that we are in will catalyse surveillance and data gathering beyond belief at the central government level and the local government level.”

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