Channel 4 – Human rights abusing surveillance tech used by at least 11 police forces in the UK

Big Brother Watch Team / November 11, 2022

Surveillance products by Chinese state-owned company, Hikvision are being used to monitor an ethnic minority community, Uyghur Muslims, in “re-education” camps in the Xinjiang region. Shockingly, the same firm is supplying at least 11 police forces in the UK, entrusting human rights abusing surveillance tech to watch over millions of UK residents.

The England and Wales CCTV commissioner told Channel 4 that the situation is ““morally reprehensible, but a serious security risk”.

At Hikvision’s recent roadshow in Twickenham, Big Brother Watch, along with other rights groups including Free Tibet and Stop Uyghur Genocide, protested against the sale of these dangerous surveillance cameras in the UK.


Channel 4 – Exclusive: At least 11 police forces in England and Wales supplied by China-owned CCTV firm whose technology is also used to monitor Uyghurs