i – Met police secretly accessed facial recognition ‘search engine’ over 2000 times

Big Brother Watch Team / May 6, 2024

Met Police accessed PimEyes, an invasive private facial recognition ‘search engine’, over 2000 times.

PimEyes arm users with Orwellian facial recognition tech to find matches to facial images of anyone online. It places no limits on the type of images that may be used for search and it has no safeguards to prevent people from using their service to extract a library of photos of someone other than themselves, including children.

Jake Hurfurt, head of research and investigations at Big Brother Watch said:

“It is entirely inappropriate for police officers to use PimEyes… Facial recognition tech is dangerously unregulated in Britain & the information commissioner should step in to to safeguard the British public from these Orwellian facial recognition tools.”

i – Met Police officers accessed controversial facial recognition site 2,000 times