The Independent – Civil Liberties campaign group threatens Government with legal action over Covid passes

Big Brother Watch Team / December 24, 2021

Civil Liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch has threatened the Government with legal action of the introduction of mandatory Covid passes in England in it’s Plan B Covid-19 response.

Big Brother Watch claims the “draconian, discriminatory and pointless” scheme breaches privacy rights and must be stopped.

The NGO also claims the government has breached equality law by permitting Covid pass “spot checks” under the new scheme, without taking any steps to prevent arbitrary and discriminatory checks.

The move comes after Boris Johnson suffered his biggest defeat to date as over 100 MPs from his own party rebelled against him over the certification.

Director Silkie Carlo added: “We face serious and evolving public health challenges. But Covid passes have been proven to fail in Scotland and Wales and will do nothing to protect people in England. This is safety theatre that carries real risk of harm, intrusion and division.

“There are far more effective measures to keep people safe than excluding healthy people without the right papers from society”.

Independent – Government threatened with legal challenge over ‘discriminatory’ Covid passes