Islington Tribune – Privacy scare over hidden cameras in school toilets

Big Brother Watch Team / November 18, 2019

The Islington Tribune reports that a London school has discovered hidden CCTV cameras in the children’s toilets.

It is thought the cameras were put in place under the previous Head Teacher. It is unclear whether the cameras are a deeply misguided feature of wider CCTV use around the school, or something more concerning. Police have already closed their investigation, but parents naturally still want answers.

Our director, Silkie Carlo, said:

This is an extremely worrying discovery that will alarm pupils and parents alike.

Astoundingly, we’ve found several schools over the years placing surveillance cameras around children’s bathrooms, but we have never seen incidents of concealed cameras.

This misguided surveillance is a completely unacceptable invasion of children’s privacy and a clear safeguarding risk.

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