Morning Star — Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is giving his ‘blessing’ to police use of facial recognition

Big Brother Watch Team / February 20, 2020

Today there was another ‘operational ‘deployment of facial recognition in London. It’s alarming to see biometric mass surveillance being rolled out in London. Never before have citizens been subjected to identity checks without suspicion, let alone on a mass scale. All the evidence shows this tech makes us less free and no safer.

In the end the facial recognition cameras broke. Police packed up and left. But that wasn’t before they stopped, searched, ID’d & cuffed 2 young black men. Both were innocent & later released.

Silkie Carlo, the director of Big Brother Watch said: “Police use of facial recognition is in Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s domain and he appears to give it his blessing. It shows a lack of leadership and regard for people’s fundamental rights.”

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