Novara Media – Anti-monarchy opinions included in Government “misinformation reports”

Big Brother Watch Team / May 13, 2024

The Counter Disinformation Unit logged campaigner Peter Tatchell’s criticism of the monarchy in “misinformation reports”.

This unit was established in its current form in March 2020 to “crack down” on “false coronavirus information online”. Government ministers have admitted that they’ve personally intervened in the CDU’s work to pursue the censorship of speech which they deem “inappropriate”.

Jake Hurfurt of campaign group Big Brother Watch said:

“There is no reason for Tatchell’s critiques of the monarchy to feature in misinformation narrative reports.

“The public would expect ‘counter-disinformation’ units to tackle foreign propaganda, not monitor a long-standing activist’s views. Linking dissenting opinions to ‘misinformation’ labels chills free speech and limits how the people can criticise those in power.”

Novara Media – ‘Snooping’ Claim After Anti-Monarchy Opinions Included in Government Disinformation Reports