openDemocracy – Security officials at the State of London Debate ‘spied on’ environmental campaigners

Big Brother Watch Team / February 3, 2023

openDemocracy reported that environmental campaigners were personally identified and barred from entering London’s O2 arena, the venue for Sadiq Khan’s State of London Debate 2022. The campaigners shared that they had the right to attend the event and ask questions regarding the construction of the Silvertown Tunnel. An unidentified security official in plain clothes at the venue called them out by name. He said he could identify the campaigners based on “security intelligence”. O2 refused to share details or comment on the issue. The campaigners shared that they were subjected to intrusive surveillance, which interfered with their right to attend a public event.

Madeline Stone, legal and policy officer at Big Brother Watch commented: “The O2 must come clean about any snooping on campaigners by these private security units immediately.”

Lucas, a 26-year-old campaigner, said: “It’s not good that someone has information about you, what you look like, your name and possibly even phone number.”

openDemocracy – Exclusive: Environmental campaigners ‘spied on’ ahead of Sadiq Khan event