Reuters – Vaccine passports: Are they worth the discrimination and privacy concerns?

Big Brother Watch Team / March 1, 2021

More and more countries are considering vaccine passports as a bargaining chip to reopening the economy.

It’s no secret that these dystopian measures will discriminate against the most vulnerable in society and erode medical privacy.

After a year of turmoil is this really a route to freedom or a policy that will carry longer-term consequences?

Big Brother Watch Director Silkie Carlo looks at the bigger picture:

“Vaccine passports lack any rationale, unless the (British) government is trying to create a draconian, two-tier surveillance state. In just a few weeks, everyone in the most vulnerable groups will have been offered a vaccination. This means deaths and hospitalisations will plummet, and we should be reunited with our freedoms.

But we won’t be reunited with freedom if the government forces us to carry vaccine IDs – we’ll become a dystopian checkpoint society that discriminates against those who can’t have a vaccine for health reasons or pregnancy, that leaves behind those who have less access to healthcare, and that excludes those who delay or decide against a vaccine.”

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