RightsInfo – Rape victims being coerced into submitting mobile phone data

Big Brother Watch Team / February 6, 2019

The government is under pressure to reform criminal investigation and evidence laws which allow police and the Crown Prosecution Service to obtain disproportionate and excessive mobile phone information and third-party records from complainants of sexual violence.

Our Legal and Policy Officer, Griff Ferris, said:

“At a time when more women and men than ever are pursuing justice against sex offenders, the way victims’ privacy is treated by the police and CPS is completely unacceptable and may well breach their rights.”

“Victims of any other types of crime are not asked to put their private lives on trial. Treating rape victims like suspects is an affront to justice, undermining trust in our justice system, and deterring victims from bringing offenders to justice.”

“We urge the police and the CPS to take action to protect victims of rape from these excessive digital investigations, which are swamping police in irrelevant information and obstructing justice. This broken system must change.”


RightsInfo: Rape victims silenced by requirement to submit mobile phone data